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I am a Women’s Health Practitioner and Cyclical Living Coach (I explain what this means in the video below!).

I grew up with witchy mama who handed down her knowledge of the cyclical power of the earth and moon to me, however I never made the connection with my own cyclical nature, having numbed it off with the contraceptive pill since I was a teenager. Whilst working in my career in Youth Justice, I then came off the pill in my mid twenties and my cycle was mess.

I had reflexology and it balanced me!! This inspired me to begin my training in the healing arts. I became fascinated with the healing potential of the modalities and loved being able to help others.

During this time, I lived my life at 100mph and whilst in a Senior Management role I had my 2nd baby suddenly everything changed.

My usually high energy levels crashed, as I experienced 18 months of exhaustion that brought me to my knees. Allopathic, conventional medicine had nothing to offer me so my go to holistic options became my saviour. And I healed.

I had time to explore my values and I knew that this pace of life was not serving me. I had to take my power back otherwise I would crash and burn, which was absolutely not an option!

This lead to be being called to offer women like me, a natural solution to their overwhelm, filling their energy cup using effective natural tools. All of the usual health stuff was great but something just was not quite aligning……cue my training as a Moon Mother (don’t this isn’t as woo-woo as it sounds!!).

I learnt how teach women about their cyclical nature …… Suddenly EVERYHTING made sense – our disconnect, our overwhelm, our increasing health issues. I realised that we are operating as if we are men and then wondering why women have so many problems, that our male counterparts simply do not experience!

Just as I had experienced, the women I was working with had a list of symptoms unexplained by medical science…..suddenly I understood – so much for what we knew to be true about how to be healthy is based on research undertaken on what works for men and NOT for women.

I felt this awakened passion within me to share this knowledge with as many women as I could possibly reach. If every woman could strategically harness her inner super power, imagine how we could achieve!

Once we begin to live cyclically EVERYTHING changes – our relationships, our health, our work, how we feel, how we think….it truly is the game changer most women have been looking for. This has certainly been my journey and I would love to help you have it as yours.

Using simple tools & techniques, I love to support women to demystify our menstrual cycle and empower you with the knowledge of how to live a life in balance, not burnout. Your concerns combined with my expertise is the perfect recipe for living a life you love, moving from chaos to calm.

If you are ready to let me take you on a journey from burnout to balance, using my uniquely female approach to your wellbeing, I would love to hear from you.

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