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and Be Harmonised

 Women’s Health Practitioner

My passion is to empower women and people who menstruate, to harmonise their hormones in order to live an optimised life!

From Menarche to Menopause, I bridge the science and the woo, offering a truly holistic approach to women’s health by way of one-to-one support in both my online & in person hormone clinics.

Whilst I offer support to all women, my specialist interest is supporting girls & women with how their hormones affect their (un)diagnosed ADHD traits.

I use a range of lifestyle protocols, tools and techniques, to awaken women to their cyclical superpowers…empowering you to harmonise your hormones to live a happier, healthier live.


Women's Health

The Hormone Clinic, Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Tracking


Supporting ADHD women to understand how their hormones affect their traits


Hormone Testing & Other Hormone Supporting Tools

  A Space for Women to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Harmonised

We all live in fast paced, action packed world, where it can be challenging to stop and prioritise our own needs.

Women are not designed to live like this and it is affecting our health, messing with our hormones and causing unwanted symptoms such as:

  • Heavy & Painful Periods
  • Mood Imbalance
  • Poor Sleep Quality
  • Irregular Cycle
  • PMT or PMDD
  • Fertility Challenges
  • Difficult Perimenopause
  • Fatigue & Overwhelm

This can further complicate existing conditions such as PCOS & fibroids.

I work with women to address this imbalance, so that you can live a life in flow rather than pushing against the tide.

“Stress plays such a HUGE role on wreaking havoc with our hormones, I invite you now to take a moment of calm before moving on”

 Harmonise You Services

Here at Harmonise You, I offer a range of options to empower you to take back control of your hormonal health & improve your wellbeing.

These include:

  • Hormone Clinic, empowering & educating women on their symptoms & offering an array of suggestions
  • Specialist Support for ADHD Women to understand the link between hormones & traits
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness
  • Hormone Supporting Products
  • Women’s Wellness Events (Menarche, Menstruation & Menopause)

I believe I have something to offer every woman who is seeking to harmonise her hormones.

To learn more about how I can support you, simply book a discovery call with me.

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