Holistic therapies - About Me


My name is Adele Wimsett and I am the founder of Harmonise You.

Before working in the heavenly world of holistic practice, I worked in Youth Justice for 20 years….whilst this might seem like world away from what I do now, it actually has lots of similarities!

You see, my passion then was always with women – I specialised in working with female offenders, holding space for them to process trauma; hearing them; seeing them.

My passion for this work began when I won an award, for some academic research I completed whilst doing my degree, into prolific female offending – I have always been proud to be a geek!!

I also ran the Freedom programme for women affected by domestic abuse and loved to facilitate space for them to safely share; to create a sense of belonging.

Working in prisons, court rooms, police stations meant I was often in places quite energetical heavy, so I began to train in the healing arts many years ago to find a balance.

One part of my work I LOVE is spending time truly hearing each woman’s story, as we are all so unique. By truly understanding a woman’s journey I am able to deep dive into where the imbalances might be and therefore how best to unpick them. And I never fail to feel humbled at being able to hold that space.

Empowering women with tools & techniques to live their best life, such as doTERRA essential oils is my passion and I am excited to share this with you. I hope you find what you need from the site and look forward to connecting with you.

I have a beautiful treatment space in-between High Wycombe and Amersham from which to treat you, but can also be mobile to undertake home or office based therapies.


Adele has achieved the following Qualifications:

  • Magdalene Rose Priestess Training – July 2020
  • The Art of Breathing – June 2020
  • Global Sisterhood Circle Facilitation – March 2020
  • Healing the Mother Wound – February 2020
  • doTERRA Essential Oils Specialist Certification – March 2019
  • Tisserand Fundamental Chemistry of Essential Oils – February 2019
  • Building women’s circles October 2018
  • Doaroma reiki October 2018
  • Heal yourself using essential oils September 2018
  • Reiki Master Practitioner May 2018
  • AROMAFLEX May 2018
  • Anusha Master Practitioner May 2018
  • Moon Mother Blessings June 2018
  • Aromatherapy and Massage - 2017
  • Reflexolology for fertility, natural birth and pregnancy - 2017
  • Aromatherapy and Massage - 2017
  • Healing Cancer - 2017
  • Reflexology Hot Stone Massage - 2017
  • Yoga & Meditation for Children - 2017
  • Diploma in Mindfulness for Children - 2017
  • Reiki I and II - 2009 & 2017
  • Indian Head Massage - 2000 & 2017
  • Ongoing Multiple Training events on doTERRA essential oils - 2016
  • ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology - 2009
  • Crystal Healing - 2009
  • Solestry (foot reading) - 2008
  • Meditation - 2008
  • Bach Flower Essences for Stress Management - 2008
  • Sociology & Criminology Bsc (Hons) (Awards for Best Dissertation) - 2002
  • Centra Level I Counselling Course - 1999
  • A’ levels Sport Science and Human Biology (Certificate for Excellence) - 1998