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Exhausted? Anxious? Not sleeping? Difficult Periods? Overwhelmed?

I absolutely hear you!

Some years ago, this was me. What I believed to be a healthy lifestyle at the time, was actually destroying my hormones.

I literally had no idea how screwed up my hormones were…I simply thought it was normal to have all of the above symptoms (and more), including PMT…as if somehow it was just par for the course of being a modern woman!! How wrong I was……

What was even more baffling is that I was doing all the “stuff” …keto, raw vegan, intermittent fasting, fasted exercise…little did I know the pressure this was putting on my body until she spoke loudly to me & my period vanished!

I was in my early 30’s and in a senior position in the public sector, where I was constantly in my masculine energy of relentless action, with undiagnosed ADHD. As if I didn’t have enough on my already overflowing plate, I thought I might as well add motherhood into the mix……well, why not?! I was a high achieving woman, so was certain this would be a doddle….Pah!

On top of trying to balance all of the life balls that just being a working mama involves,  I had always been committed to my health, however, the advice was not working…in fact it was making me sick…but why??

My hormones were literally screaming at me to STOP! The way I was living was not working for my mind or body. So I took a leap of faith and spent several years researching what was going on…and boy did my findings activate my inner feminist!

I discovered that much of the health advice we are given in both the medical & health arenas is based on research on what works for men and NOT women! Even lab rats tend to be male! This is referred to as the gender bias in these fields. Basically, well-meaning health practitioners were sharing advice that was actually harming my body.

Having always been a catalyst for change, I embarked on a journey of re-training in women’s health so that I could be a voice to help women understand what THEIR body needed and not treat them as small men. I was fortunate enough to train with international leads in their fields – Nicole Jardim for Women’s Hormone Health and Miranda Gray for Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

I was determined to let women know that our menstrual health is a reflection of our overall health and that they too could be empowered with the many tools and techniques I use to harmonise their hormones.

At 41 I eventually received my ADHD diagnosis, as I could see that my hormones played a huge role in my experience of my traits. This understanding has been invaluable for my all-round health & wellbeing.

Everything that I teach women is simple, although not always easy to do alone. BUT, once you embed what I share, EVERYTHING CHANGES – libido comes back, you sleep, you have energy, relationships and cognitive function improve, mood is balanced and you feel good.

I have a powerful vision of a world where women feel good and I believe this is totally possible. The key to the secret lies in understanding our innate cyclical rhythms and a lifestyle that supports women’s physiology. Once you learn to unlock this and reclaim your inner super powers, you can stop striving and start thriving.

So here I am sharing my story with you, in the hope that it inspires you to change your own story. If you are ready to feel good, I would love to hear from you.

Much Love

Adele x

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My Qualifications

  • Degree Sociology & Criminology (Award for Academic Research)
  • Women’s Health Practitioner Diploma
  • Women’s Hormone Health Certification (Nicole Jardim)
  • Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor (The Health Sciences Academy)
  • HRT Training Marion Gluck
  • Moon Mother Level 1 Womb Healing (Miranda Gray)
  • International Menopause Society 12 Month Programme
  • Circle Facilitator (Global Sisterhood)
  • First Moons Circle Facilitator
  • Stress Management
  • Counselling Level 1
  • Breathwork Instructor
  • Reflexology Diploma in Fertility, Pregnancy & Post Natal Care
  • Reflexology for Women’s Health
  • Reiki & Anusha Master
  • Mindful Reflexology
  • Understanding Nutrition Level 2

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