Providing Specialist Clinical Support for  ADHD women to understand how their hormones affect their traits


Why ADHDivas?

Following my diagnosis of combined type ADHD at 41 years old, as a Women’s Health Practitioner, I was eager to understand how my hormones were affecting my traits….sadly my findings did not surprise me….

I discovered that the gender bias that exists within research was more noticeable than ever in the field of neurodiversity. Most of what we understand about assessment & treatment is based on what works for the outdated perception of ADHD being “naughty little boy” syndrome. The female experience is largely missing and misunderstood, particularly in relation to the impact our hormones have on our traits.

With my inner feminist fuelled for action, I embarked on a mission of gathering and analysing the research that did exist and combined it with my clinical experience to create an avenue for ADHDivas to understand how their hormones affect their traits.

Whilst still so much is unknown in this field, I am confident that there are many solutions to feeling better.

If would like to explore how to create an ADHD-friendly lifestyle, that supports your unique rhythms & cycles, book a discovery call with me today!

“This image shows the vulnerable parts of a cycle for ADHD women, which I will explore with you in clinic”

If you are a woman affected by ADHD…

I can offer you one-to-one support in the clinic by:

  • Empowering you with education about YOUR body – understanding the ‘why’ of why you feel the way you do, from a hormone perspective.
  • Explore unique challenges we may face when making changes
  • Teach you how to track traits against hormones, to create an ADHD friendly lifestyle from a female perspective
  • Offer functional hormone testing where relevant, to deep dive into hormonal imbalances

Feel free to book a discovery call with me to explore how I can support you.

Outside of the clinic we also offer ADHDivas a WhatsApp support group, which is open to any woman affected by ADHD, to connect and learn from like minded women.