Holistic therapies - Circles and Events

Female Energy Awakening & Moon Mother Events

As a Moon Mother, I also hold Female Energy Awakening events several times a year when Miranda Gray offers free World Wide Womb Blessings but some people prefer to connect with this energy in their own home. You can register to receive these Blessings here: Wombblessing.com

I have also put together a meditation to play during receipt of these blessings, to save you having to print anything out!


I love to run retreats, workshops or various other women’s wellbeing collaborations, either on-line or in person, so please visit my Facebook page for the most up to date events.

If you are interested in collaborating, I would love to connect with you.


“A woman in her authentic feminine power knows how important it is to look at the parts of herself that she keeps hidden in the dark.”
-- Rachael Jayne Groover

Circles & Events

Throughout millennia, women have gathered in circle. We differ to men in that we tend to need connection and a safe space to share. However, the speed at which our world operates, often means that we struggle to find the time to really share with other women in our lives how we feel.

We fear judgement of not appearing like we are coping if we are not performing at 100% in all of our roles. This can have serious implications for our wellbeing.

Trained by the Global Sisterhood, I am so passionate about creating space for women to heal and circles provide a powerful container to remove our social masks and show up as your true self.

When we come together in circle we are equal. There are no students and no teachers; we all rise together.

When women are given the opportunity to be seen, heard, and held by other women, we can transform our insecurities, wounds, jealousies, and competitive patterns, and claim our true radiance, unity, and feminine power. We can truly begin to heal wounds we hold within us, that may be holding us back.

Women’s Circles provide a safe space to honour the natural yearning for authentic connection and creates opportunities for deep friendships to be cultivated.

This is a judgment-free zone, you are invited to practice self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

We take ownership for how we feel and use non-violent communication.

You are invited to be in your own experience, letting go of any caretaking or fixing inclinations that may arise when a woman is sharing. This means no advice giving or commenting. Just having & giving the opportunity to speak and be heard.

Anything another woman shares during the circle will be kept within the circle.

These often take place around the moon cycle, new or full, connecting in with the natural rhythm of our 28 day cycles.

Each moon, we will explore a theme that is essential on the path to embodying your most soulful, empowered self.

For dates of Circles please visit my FaceBook page here.