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For girls and female parents or carers carers starting on their menstruation journey. Read More


For women who want to live more in flow with their cycles. Read more


For women who want to understand the impact of perimenopause. Read more


Positive Period Parenting

Becoming the parent of a tween can often present new challenges, and managing how to positively explore menstruation and puberty is often one of them! Many parents did not have the greatest experience of this themselves, which only heightens the challenge. Well fear not! This one hour workshop will arm you with all of the information you need to empower your daughters with the information they (and you!) need to navigate this season of their life, avoiding any cringey experiences!

The course is for parents & carers of tween girls (aged 9-112) who would like to:

  • Feel confident in how to explore menstruation with their daughters, being given the language to use
  • Who want to take a modern, proactive approach to exploring women’s health
  • Want to breakdown facts & myths about puberty & menstruation
  • Support their daughters for have a positive experience with their periods

This session can be delivered virtually or in person.

First Moon Circles

First Moon Circles are empowering events that provide girls aged 9-12 with a holistic, positive and inclusive education on the menstrual cycle, puberty, and cycle self-care.

This workshop expands significantly on the mainstream school curricula, with the intention of minimising and healing cultural menstrual shame. It also empowers Mothers and families with information and an opportunity to deepen familial bonds with their child at a pivotal development stage in their life.

The course is for girls aged 9-12 and their female parents & carers who would like to:

  • Explore myths and truths around menstruation in a safe environment
  • Learn about different types of period care products in an interactive & fun setting
  • Feel confident with understanding their entire cycle, far beyond anything taught in a class room
  • Spend some quality mother & daughter connection time, exploring women’s health
  • Explore ways to experience periods positively

This session can be delivered virtually or in eprson &  includes a lovely Moon pack and guide book. In person events also include hormone friendly food and drink.

Demystifying Women’s Health Workshop

This 1.5  hour workshop offers an introduction to the core pillars of health and how they can be used to support women to balance their hormones naturally.

We explore the women’s cycle and the role hormones play on many aspects of our health.

I teach simple techniques that have a significant impact on our overall hormone health and wellbeing.

This fun, interactive workhsop is for all adult women from menarche to menopause and covers:

  • What are hormones and what do they do?
  • Why it is important to look after our hormone health
  • Core pillars of health, including movement and nutrition, in relation to hormones
  • Top Tips to get started with supporting hormone health

These can be run in person or virtually.


Know Your Flow –

Introduction to Your Cyclical Nature

Women today are facing a today wave of seemingly inexplicable symptoms – fatigue, anxious feelings, gut issues, insomnia…..I believe this is because we are in a constant state of action and not honouring the natural flow of our ebb of our  biology. Many women have gone through their adult life with very limited understanding of how our bodies work. However, this is changing as a huge movement of women who are reclaiming this knowledge in order to feel good! I am on a mission to reconnect women with this knowing in order to make simple changes, which can have a significant impact on our quality of life.

This workshop is for adult women who want to:

  • Develop an understanding of each phase
  • Offer some tips on how to live more harmoniously with your cycle
  • Learn what it means to be cyclical, introducing the menstrual cycle in its entirety and how this affects us on a daily basis.
  • How to harness the power of your inner super power – your cyclical nature

This workshop can be delivered in person or virtually,

Feminine Flow

Feeling burnt out? Exhausted? Emotionally unbalanced? misunderstood? like you’re losing the plot?! Always fighting against the tide?!

Or do you just want to understand your cycle beyond the biology we usually learn in school or science labs or on our journey to motherhood?!

Then this is the course for you! The biggest piece missing from many women’s wellness puzzle, is understanding our cyclical nature. Harnessing the power each different phase offers, means you can truly live your best life!  This is about knowing YOU. You will leave this course wondering how you have got this far in your life, never knowing this information about yourself.

This course is going to be a deep dive into understating and connecting to your body. It will be healing; empowering; enlightening; lifechanging.

The programme is broken down into weekly  2 hours session over 6 weeks

This is for adult women who want to really understand ow working in alignment with their cycle can change their life. You will:

  • Learn the nature of your own cycle and the differences between men & women (bar that obvious!)
  • Learn how to apply your understanding of the phases of each cycle to your life
  • How to plan your diary for optimum life satisfaction, optimising both your work and personal life
  • How to support each phase of your cycle with the correct food, movement and R&R
  • This will be taught through meditation, sharing knowledge, practical exercises, breath work, practical tips & sharing in circle.

This programme also includes a collection of essential oils to support each phase of your and takes place virtually. 



The chapter of a woman’s life leading up to menopause, perimenopause, can feel overwhelming in terms of symptoms & knowing where to get the right help.

Unfortunately, much of the “health” advice is based on what works for men, not women, so women find themselves not knowing how best to take a lifestyle approach to feeling good during this phase.

Our Perimeno…WHAT?! team of women’s health experts (including fitness expert, a naturopathic nutritionist & myself), have taken the hard work of figuring this out for you and offer a variety of support options:

  • A FB group offering lots of top tips for health during this season.
  • A Hormone 101 Masterclass
  • A 6 week online programme covering giving weekly strength training, yoga, meal plans, recipes, restorative practices and so much more.

For more information and event dates, just pop me a message.

The Psyche & the Soul of Perimenopause Workshop

So often the mental & emotional impact of perimenopause is overlooked, contributing to women feeling isolated and alone with their experience.

This workshop is for women who want to deepen their understanding of this, explore this season of a woman’s life within the cultural context and our cyclical nature; the impact this has on our beliefs; the impact changing hormones have on our mood management i.e. the why; explores various ways to manage this and includes a guided relaxation session.

This is for women over 35 years old who want to:

  • Understand perimenopause from the emotional perspective and within the cultural context.
  • Understand perimenopause with the context of our cyclical nature
  • Learn how our hormones affect our mood management during this time
  • Explore strategies for managing this phase