The Full Shebang

Single Payment £1815 or £795 and 3 monthly payments of £340 or £795 upfront and 6 monthly payments of £170

Femme Renewal 6 Month Programme

This is for those women who are truly ready to invest in up-leveling their hormonal health and want to take a robust, evidence-based approach to how they navigate their hormonal health.

Perhaps you have tried everything, overwhelmed yourself with what you “should” be doing, and feeling fatigued with health information!

Or perhaps you have had various diagnostics done and been told they are all “normal” (hello gaslighting!) and there is nothing wrong with you, so feel exhausted seeking solutions.

Or perhaps you are simply ready to deep dive into your hormonal health & want to really bring yourself into balance.

This is a 6-month full MOT, that includes a full educational & empowerment session, tailored to your specific symptoms, as detailed in your consultation. There are then 6 follow-up sessions, where we use the data from your tests to uplevel every element of your hormonal health.

Consider this deep dive into your health as a full MOT!

This will provide a robust insight into what is going on with your hormones and mean we can tailor plans very specifically.

Once we have these results, any findings you wish to address are covered in the plan.

I will also teach you to track your symptoms and will provide an in-depth, full-cycle analysis of your findings which through using menstrual cycle awareness, we will use to uplevel your lifestyle choices around your unique hormonal fluctuations.

If you are ready to take the bull by the horns to feel great, this is the package for you!