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Tools to empower you on your journey to harmonising your hormones

Mira - Fertility and Hormone Tracker

Mira is the only at-home fertility monitor on the market using quantitative technology

If you deal with hormone imbalances or irregular cycles, Mira’s ultra-sensitive technology can still capture your hormone changes with lab-grade accuracy

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Nixi Body Period Pants

These amazing, washable period pants mean no more saving your worst knickers for period days.  The absorbent technology protects you from leaks – however, you’re flowing wherever you’re going 

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What is Healy?

Energy is everything. This device works in the quantum field to make bespoke frequencies to correct imbalances

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My Amazon Favourites

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Veri Glucose Monitor

This is a great device to understand how your body manages blood sugar

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Your Super

Superfoods are plant-based foods that contain high amounts of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins

It’s all about the mix: Smart composition of Superfood powders into mixes to support your health goals and needs

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Future Woman Hormone Testing

These tests provide valuable insight into liver function, gut inflammation, neurotransmitters and of course your lovely hormone levels

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Amrita Nutrition

This company only stocks good quality supplements. Feel free to use my discount code for your supplement haul!

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Eco Dreams

These modern menstrual products are designed to outperform disposables. There are so many great reasons to make the switch

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