We could all do with some tips to support your metabolism during the time of overindulgence in all the good stuff!

My biggest wish for clients is to have the BEST time & enjoy yourself. However, studies show us that whilst we may have the illusion that all the food, drink & socialising is great, actually this is a time we know lots of people feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted.

I promise this is not me being a fun sponge! I thought instead it might be helpful to have ALLL the stuff but with some hacks to help keep your energy high so you do not collapse in January a sluggish, depleted wreck!

So, let’s get into it!


Sleep deprivation really messes with balancing our metabolism & blood sugar lancing hormones. If we clack sleep, we are much more likely to crave sweet things.

  • Whilst we are more likely to  have a few late nights, try having one night on, one night off so you have a chance to recoup some vital zzzzz’s!
  • Making the most of your time off by getting out in natural light first thing in the body means you get the natural light to support your circadian rhythm.

Blood Sugar Balancing

Now is definitely not the time to obsess over the reading of your continuous glucose monitor! Christmas is a glucose spike paradise! There are some fab bio hacks though that can help manage this:

  • Drink Apple Cider vinegar 30 mins before eating
  • Eat some veggies before the carbs
  • Make sure you are getting enough protein (most women do not)
  • No coffee on an empty stomach (sorry!!)
  • Having a savoury, protein rich breakfast within an hour of waking – no fasting please is you are menstruating!


We know that moving after eating carbs causes glucose to be sucked up by the cells, which prevent inflammation & energy.

  • After eating, try to move your body for about 15 minutes. I am not talking about doing hardcore workouts! Just going for a gentle walk to help manage sugar spikes can really help.
  • Instead of meeting friends in a pub, why not a arrange a social walk with a ready made flask of cacao to share together.
  • As exercise classes are likely not on, make time for yourself to explore a new App (I love Better me) or YouTube videos to try something new whilst you have more time.
  • Try out somatic movements – this will not only support your glucose but manage your cortisol too, so you can ease into the new year in a clam state instead of frazzled!

Reducing Toxic Load

Yes, we live in toxic soup! It is hard to fully escape the huge number of chemicals we are surrounded by, especially at Christmas. But there are some steps you can take to manage this.

  • Be mindful of the candles your burn as they are fully of hormone disrupting nasties. I love these candles www.irisorganics.co.uk (Use code THANKYOU for 10% off)      
  • Avoid the chemical plug ins that emit a “festive” fragrance. Instead try diffusing oils like cinnamon, wild orange and clove.
  • Try out some toxin free perfumes instead of the harsh ones we have been used to.
  • Ask for gifts of “clean” self care products – I love this skin care range: https://www.evolvebeauty.co.uk/


Most of us enter this “break” with our adrenals firing on all cylinders! Then add in blood sugar dysregulation, eating more,  moving less, lack of sleep & the added work that largely still falls to women during this time and our cortisol really takes a hit!

  • Give yourself permission to protect non-negotiable time for pleasure – this might be sitting and enjoying a hot cuppa whilst activating your sense.
  • Get into the woods  – the chemicals the tress release support your nervous system
  • Breathe – whilst you are cooking/ standing in queues/ tolerating people you might not have to usually spend time with (!)…breathe…take deep belly breaths to stay connected to your body.
  • Ground- feel your feet on the ground.

And that’s a wrap!!! Hopefully this has given you some food for thought to help come out of the festive seasons feeling great!

Mwah xx