Kind words from women I’ve helped

Thank you so much Adele. I actually burst into tears with relief after speaking to you. I’ve booked the next session and look forward to going on this journey with you. So grateful to be validated. I now have hope…

Thanks Adele – You’re a superstar!!! Thank you for all your kindness and support throughout my journey – couldn’t do it without you. 

You empowered me to be me

I am came on my period yesterday!!! So Happy!!! This is the first natural period I have had in such a long time!!! Thankyou for all your help! 

One call with you and the script was FLIPPED! I’m building a better relationship with my body and cycle, so thank you.

Just wanted to say I loved, loved, loved your talk! Wow what a knowledgeable, inspiring lady you are. I learnt so much and would definitely bring both my girls to the circle if you hold one. 💗 thanks again.

A little update! My cycle was 27 days this month, down from around 33 days a few months ago 😎 PMT is much more manageable and I’m feeling a lot healthier and happier now. Thanks for your resources and help getting the ball rolling with this.

I have been buzzing since yesterday. I feel a stone lighter…I wish! I honestly can’t recommend you enough.

Thank you enough for helping me grow. Your girls are so lucky you’re their mum xx

I honestly feel like I’m back to myself. I know we have a long way to go but definitely feel like I’m on the right path.

I’m eating more, but weigh less… Plus, I have loads of energy. I wish I’d known this years ago!!!

I have been buzzing since yesterday. I feel a stone lighter…I wish! I honestly can’t recommend you enough.

Thank you so so much for my consultation, it has given me lots of food for thought and direction with my health 🙌

I can’t believe how much Iearnt in such a short amount of time; you’re bloody brilliant! I’m looking forward to using the tracker to get to know my cycle better, especially in accordance with my ADHD!

Just want to send you a virtual HUG for the work you’re doing right now. Championing women and girls mental health along with hormone awareness. It’s the missing link I feel. You’re amazing babe 🥰🤗

THANK YOU for being so amazing Adele! I actually could not have done this year’s program without you!”

I am so pleased I came to see you and will certainly recommend you to others.

I felt really comfortable with you.  It felt like you really understood what I needed going forward. Looking forward to learning more

I have been working with Adele Harmonise to bring balance to my hormones. She supported me through DUTCH testing, lifestyle changes, supplements etc.  I’ve integrated (most) of what we spoke about at each session and I feel amazing.  Adele is nothing short of fantastic, incredibly knowledgable and wonderful to work with.  I keep forgetting to do body brushing (despite owning the brush) and haven’t tried rebounding (yet).  Oh and when my daughters reach teen years, if they don’t want to talk to me, I will definitely be sending them to Adele

Thank you so much, talking to you first thing today has really helped me set good intentions for the day and week. I feel really validated and as you know with me it doesn’t happen a lot.

I am forever thankful for everything you did for me. I know it’s your job, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear how much the work we did had a positive impact on my life.

Looking forward to catching up in a couple of months, I’m sure there will be much to discuss as always!

I want to absorb and learn and become a happier, stronger woman who is more intuitive about her body.

Thank you so much for your guidance and inspiration

It was lovely to meet you. I felt like you just got me! and that I don’t have to go through this on my own. Really great feeling. 

It was such a pleasure to meet you, and amazing speaking with you- I felt so much better even just after that call, and everything you were saying made complete sense

I am feeling 100 times better already from taking the CellCore protocol, eating meat, tracking my period, and drinking filtered water. This month, I had an 8-day period—a vast improvement on the 16-day period I had last month. I also haven’t had any depression, and my skin on my back is the clearest it has been since I can remember!

 The new supplements you suggested ( Calcium D Glucose & Dim ) are going well. As of today, I’ve finished my most recent period. I’m happy to report I’ve not needed any painkillers. Which is pretty epic considering that back in February, I felt like death. Unable to move from my sofa, water bottled firmly attached, flooding/clots and feeling utterly miserable & looking like Caspers’ less friendly cousin. This month, I was able to manage much better. Feeling the benefit of incremental changes.

I love how simple you made complex topics seem, and you were so warm and welcoming.

It is such a judgment-free no pressure space to be heard and supported with expert guidance and just a knowing female ear (and heart)

Adele is knowledgeable and covers all areas of hormonal challenges. She was friendly and professional

The positives so far have been feeling heard from the outset, feeling supported immediately and confident that I am getting the right support at a time when I need it most

Felt that you completely understood what I needed. Loved the mix of information and support. Also I appreciated it so much that you acknowledged the trauma of previous experiences without me needing to talk about it and go back over what I’d written on the consultation form. Thank you.

I came across you on a podcast I was listening to regarding perimenopause and ADHD.  I had a consultation and booked for a few different tests. Looking forward to working alongside you to get to the bottom of the perimenopause and ADHD journey.

I can’t thank you enough for making the process so easy and relaxing. After the terrible few years I have had with the NHS.  They just don’t dig deep enough into the problems. I have taken back control of my health and hope my health will be managed better with all the guidance from you.

Thank you for providing a safe space for me to be whoever I show up as. Knowing that, however I show up in the world, someone is there to hold me with love and kindness and allow me to breathe has been so empowering for me.

My normal pattern would be to cancel last minute and be too embarrassed to rebook, or I would have had a meltdown and be too embarrassed to come back. My pattern has broken, thanks to you being the wonderful human you are. I am grateful for you and your knowledge in helping me heal.

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