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Tracking your cycle

“Learn how to track your cycle in this brief video.”

Tracking your cycle

Tracking your cycle is one of the most empowered steps you can take in taking back control of your well-being! In this brief video, I teach you how to do this and you can download my free tracker below.

Full disclosure – this is not the type of tracking for if you are using the fertility awareness method (FAM) as a form of contraception. You would need to work with a FAM practitioner to monitor your basal body temperature, cervix position, and cervical mucus.

Instead, this particular tracker is an invitation to begin to connect you with your own unique rhythms and cycles throughout the month.

Once you have gathered this data for several months, you can use menstrual cycle awareness (MCA) to apply the valuable insights to your life, so that you fill your cup rather than powering through each month!

When in clinic, I weave the practice into my work as it is so powerful to sync you’re your cycle with your life to feel well.


Get Started Today

The first step is SO easy! Simply watch the brief video and download the FREE tracker to get going. It takes less than 1 minute each evening & will offer such great insight into yourself!

For ADHDivas, our hormonal fluctuations can play an even bigger role in how we experience our traits. I offer specific cycle tracking resources to support this when working with women in clinic. Read more about ADHD support