Firstly, I truly hope that you had a restorative break and that you are feeling some level of excitement as we embark on a spangly new year!

If you are new to this space, welcome! My name is Adele and am here to share ALLLLL about the cyclical nature of women and how to harmonise your hormones naturally!

One of my biggest passions is to empower you as a woman with knowledge around what you need for optimal health, because for far too long women have been treated as small men! The gender bias that exists in so much research and therefore (often well meaning) advice is HUGE, so I am here to support you to know what REALLY works. And on that note, I would like to introduce you to aligning the outer season of Winter with our inner seasons!

The Pressure!!

There tends to be a lot of pressure to make huge health changes at this time of year, but I’d like to invite you to not get caught up in the intense, restrictive practices, because from a cyclical perspective, Wintertime is a time to rest, restore and nourish. Yes – this is the sign from the universe you needed not to force yourself to do things your body is begging you to avoid doing!!

Now, I am not suggesting that we just slob in front of the tv and binge on cake (although how appealing does that sound?!), but instead challenge our perspective on what it means to be a healthy AF woman at this time of year……..

……Warm home cooked food (NOT juices & salads!!), gentle movement and non-negotiable time to slow down, are going to be far more impactive for improving your health than harsher forms of “health” practices. To me, this just feels soooooo right (and, yes, the way something FEELS is just as valid, if not more so, than how logical something is!!)

Our Inner Winter

This season of the year correlates with our inner winter as women – our menstrual phase of our cycle, the dark moon if you do not bleed, or our post-menopausal years of life.

During this time, we learn to let go as we flow through the experience of death and rebirth. It is a time to embrace the still, go within and reflect on how your inner world aligns to your outer world. What needs to change to bring peace & alignment?

During this phase of our cycle, we have lower physical stamina, an increased need for sleep, less mental ability, focus & recall. #byebyememory! We want to avoid strenuous, well in fact any,  activity! We may find ourselves daydreaming, ignoring any sense of urgency. A time to let go of cares, simply being who we truly are in the moment.

Interestingly, if you are still menstruating, your white blood count is lower at this time, reducing your immunity (even more reason not to have to see people😉) – and yes, hormone fluctuations affect your immunity! Remember to keep your feet warm too – cold feet = cold womb!!!

In contrast, the low hormones have a positive too. They create great communication between the left (analytical) and right (feelings) hemispheres of the brain. This allows you insight into how you feel about situations and determine a good course of action. Protecting time for analysis & review of the big picture of your life.

It is a time to step away from the mundane world to sleep & dream, slowing down your life. We become truth seekers (the BS filter is firmly off!!), wanting answers to problems, accepting the past & uncertainty of the future.

It is not a time of action but of reflection – save the action for Spring where, if you have properly rested your energy will rise and you can power through your to do list then!

The Still

On that note, I would like to invite you to take a minute now:

Take a breath and be still

Notice the stillness in the room

Notice the stillness in your body

Notice the stillness of the pause between your breaths

No need to be anywhere or do anything

No one requires anything of you.

Just you, doing you.

Take a deep breath, smile & open your eyes.

Seasonal energy

This is the energy of this season, not pushing yourself hard on intense workout practices and starving yourself of macro nutrients!! So, you can take this as a sign to give yourself FULL, guilt free permission to rest!

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