Harness the Power of Your Cycle

Stating that women are different to men is no great revelation…or so you might think!

Without realising it, most of us have spent much of our lives living in a way that suits male physiology, in a constant state of do do do….whilst paying little attention to our own biological needs.

This leads to many women feeling out of balance and eventually crash landing into menopause, often creating avoidable problems along the way!

Much of any medical and holistic studies are based on males. Therefore, interventions are based on what works for men’s bodies and fails to acknowledge the differences women experience.

The more we supress and ignore the messages our body gives us, the more out of balance we become. However, if we are able to harness the power of our natural cycles, we can truly live a calm, joyful, energised life.

Ultimately we are cyclical beings living in a linear, masculine world….men’s energy is very action based and can go and go and go and go!! However, as women we ebb and flow throughout the month as our hormones fluctuate.

This applies whether we are still physically cycling or not – whether we have our womb still or have stopped bleeding.

Learning to balance your hormones naturally and how to live in a state of flow, is the key to feeling great.

From Menarche, through Menstruation to Menopause I have something to offer you.

If you are keen to learn more, you can watch this video where I introduce you to your cyclical nature.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Connecting with our natural cycle (Menstrual Cycle Awareness – MCA if you are still bleeding, or through the phases of the Moon if you are not) can be the game changer that you have been looking for.

Have you ever wondered why some days you feel like super woman and others you want to hide under a blanket?! For women this is your menstrual cycle at work – our 28 day infradian rhythm.

This cycle is broken down into four distinct phases as every day the chemicals in our body change & this affects SO many processes in the body including digestion, mood management & cognitive function.

Our menstrual cycle is one of the most important things for a woman to tune into but sadly it is often seen as a weakness as we have not been taught how to harness its power.

Women are cyclical beings and once we begin to work in alignment with our biology, EVERYTHING changes! We balance our mood, have energy, libido rises, our relationships improve, we excel at work we sleep well and so much more!

GET STARTED TODAY! The first step is getting in touch with your unique rhythms & cycles, which is SO easy! Simply watch this brief video and download the FREE tracker to get going. It takes less than 1 minute each evening & will offer such great insight into yourself!

For ADHDivas, our hormonal fluctuations can play an even bigger role in how we experience our traits. I offer specific cycle tracking resources to support this (see ADHD SUPPORT tab)

Learn more with my one to one sessions

These one-to-one sessions, which take place over 5 weeks are for all adult women. The sessions take place in line with your cycle and cover:

  • Session 1 is an introduction to the hormones and cycle.
  • Following 4 sessions work on explaining each of the 4 distinct phases, how they influence you, which types of food, movement & stress management is required in each phase.
  • Diary management around your unique rhythms & cycles.

You will receive a form to track your cycle and webinar to introduce you to your cyclical nature as a foundation to the sessions. 

One to One Hormone Balancing

Happy Hormone MOT’s!

As women we only really become aware of our hormone health when something goes wrong. However, I am passionate about supporting women not only to rebalance their hormones when things go awry but to also maintain healthy, happy hormones to avoid crash landing into perimenopausal. Whether you simply want to explore what you can do to optimise your health or are experiencing specific menstrual cycle symptoms such as PMT, perimenopause, missing or irregular cycles, this is for you.

Through completing a robust consultation, I work with you to create a bespoke plan that considers how all aspects of  your lifestyle are influencing the health of your endocrine system – consider this an MOT for your hormones!

We work at a pace that suits you, to implement any agreed changes, ensuring you feel fully supported along the way. The plan focuses on balancing your hormones (cortisol, insulin thyroid & reproductive hormones) and considers:

  • Gut Health
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress


  • Initial Session – £150 (up to mins)
  • Follow up session £65 (up to 30 mins)

I offer a free initial connection call to explore your symptoms and how I can support you.