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Working with women for many years has given me a deeper understanding of the specific needs that face us. From our first menstruation through to menopause, I believe that by understanding our natural cyclical nature, we can truly live an optimised life.

Stating that women are different to men is no great revelation…or so you might think!

For many of us, we are acutely aware of our biological and social difference from a fairly young age. However, what happens is, particularly from a medical health perspective, women get treated as “small men”.

Much of any medical, social or other research for that matter is based on males. Therefore, interventions and responses are based on what works for men and fails to acknowledge the differences women experience.

We have a whole cycle of physiological hormonal shifts throughout the month, which men simply do not experience. This becomes problematic when we are not encouraged to work in natural alignment and rhythm with these cycles, but instead are expected to function in exactly the same way as men do.

Our cycles are largely ignored and actually are seen as a weakness, holding us back from success. Women tend to be most aware of our pre-menstrual phase and when we bleed, but other than that have very little connection with their cycle, unless trying for a baby, when ovulation becomes of paramount importance.

The more we supress and ignore the messages our body gives us, the more out of balance we become. However, if we are able to harness the power of our natural cycles, we can truly live our best life.

Womens Health

Ultimately we are cyclical beings living in a linear, masculine world....men’s energy is very action based and can go and go and go and go!! However, women’s energy ebbs and flows throughout the month. This happens whether we are still physically cycling or not; energetically this continues, whether we have our womb still or have stopped bleeding. This can play havoc on our health and our hormones.

I love to support women to understand this connection and then work to empower you to harness the power of your cycle to live your best life. With small, simple changes and armed with natural solutions in your toolbox, you’ll have the opportunity to feel like a new woman! If you would like to learn more, I would invite you to watch this short video which combines my two loves of essential oils and women’s cycles.

Essential Oils from Adele Wimsett on Vimeo.

Connecting with our natural cycle (Menstrual Cycle Awareness – MCA if you are still bleeding, or through the phases of the Moon if you are not) can be the game changer that you have been looking for. You can access this simple tracking tool, to begin to connect with your own natural rhythms and identify patterns throughout your cycle.

Flow Tracker

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