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“I invite you to watch my masterclass Know Your Flow, to introduce you to your cycle.”

Harmonising Your Hormones

Following years of research and training in understanding women’s specific needs, I offer  hormone clinics, supporting women around the globe to harness the power of their menstrual cycle rather than feeling their hormones are ruining their life! I bridge the science and the woo, combining my clinical experience, extensive training, up to date research and menstrual cycle awareness to harmonise hormones.

Without realising it, many of us have spent much of our lives living in a way that suits male physiology, in a constant state of do do do….whilst paying little attention to our own biological needs.

This leads to many women feeling out of balance and eventually crash landing into perimenopause, often creating avoidable problems along the way!

Most of any medical and holistic studies are based on males. Therefore, interventions are based on what works for men’s bodies and fails to acknowledge the differences women experience.

However, we are different! Unlike men, women’s hormones ebb & flow throughout the month, affecting EVERY system in the body. And when we have spent our lives not understanding the role our hormones play on our overall health, symptoms show up!

Whether you simply want to explore what you can do to optimise your hormonal health or you are experiencing specific menstrual cycle symptoms such as PMT, PMDD, PCOS, perimenopause, painful & heavy bleeding, missing or irregular cycles, you can book a discovery call with me today. If you want to begin to understand your cycle simply watch this video!

For guidance on how to choose the best package for you, please book a discovery call with me for just £10

Hormone Essentials – Individual Session

This one-off session is for women wanting to gain an understanding of their symptoms and ideas on some next steps.

Following a robust consultation, which I will have analysed before we meet so we can maximise our time together, I will create a bespoke session to explain your symptoms from a hormonal perspective. This is especially relevant for those simply curious about their hormones. This education will empower you to advocate for yourself, validate your experience & inspire you to take some steps forward. It is a hormone 101 based on YOUR symptoms, so you understand the “why” of you and why you feel the way you do, which helps to pinpoint the root cause and suggest some simple next steps to get you going on your journey to harmonising your hormones.

Hormone Harmony Elite – 3 Month Programme

This is for women ready to make some changes

This package aims to provide women with not only the education & empowerment you receive in the initial consultation but provides a 3-month bespoke plan, tailored to your individual needs, based on the analysis of your consultation. A one-off session is unlikely to provide the level of support needed to make changes to our hormonal health so 3 months work well for lots of women, keeping you accountable for the changes and providing a supportive space to make the changes.

This plan will include a robust consultation, an understanding of why you feel the way you do, and what we can do about it during 3 follow-up sessions. Your bespoke hormone plan will address your specific challenges, as I tailor the sessions to your specific hormonal needs,

Consider this deep dive into your health as a full MOT!

This will provide a robust insight into what is going on with your hormones and mean we can tailor plans very specifically.

Once we have these results, any findings you wish to address are covered in the plan.

I will also teach you to track your symptoms and will provide an in-depth, full-cycle analysis of your findings which through using menstrual cycle awareness, we will use to uplevel your lifestyle choices around your unique hormonal fluctuations.

If you are ready to take the bull by the horns to feel great, this is the package for you!

The Full Shebang:  Femme Renewal – 6 Month Package

This is for those women who are truly ready to invest in up-leveling their hormonal health and want to take a robust, evidence-based approach to how they navigate their hormonal health.

Perhaps you have tried everything, overwhelmed yourself with what you “should” be doing, and feeling fatigued with health information!

Or perhaps you have had various diagnostics done and been told they are all “normal” (hello gaslighting!) and there is nothing wrong with you, so feel exhausted seeking solutions.

Or perhaps you are simply ready to deep dive into your hormonal health & want to really bring yourself into balance.

This is a 6-month full MOT, that includes a full educational & empowerment session, tailored to your specific symptoms, as detailed in your consultation. There are then 6 follow-up sessions, where we use the data from your tests to uplevel every element of your hormonal health.

The tests included are:

DUTCH – this looks at oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, adrenal function, cortisol awakening response, liver detoxification pathways, and organic acids. You will also receive a 3 month tailored supplementation & lifestyle plan based on the findings, which I will support you to implement.

 HTMA – women often invest lots in blindly trying supplements – chucking everything at the wall & hoping something sticks! This hair mineral and toxicity analysis test helps to tailor this by accurately identifying any mineral deficiencies or toxicities that could be contributing to symptoms.

Full Panel Thyroid – Imbalance with the thyroid is often missed, despite women being at significantly greater risk of thyroid disease than men. For example, it can often be missed with fertility issues & should be monitored with HRT. Unfortunately, the testing that NHS services can offer can miss signs of the thyroid being under pressure. This test identifies any issues.